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Editorial board member | Dr. Velia D Agata

Dr. Velia D Agata

Associate Professor
Department of Bio-medical Sciences
University of Catania
Tel: +39-095-3782147

Dr. Velia D'Agata is working as an Associate Professor in the Department of Bio-medical Sciences, University of Catania, Italy. Dr. D'Agata graduated from Pharmacy in 1987 and Medicine in 1995 at the University of Catania, Italy. Dr. D'Agata served as Faculty member in Neuroscience; Research Instructor at the Blanchette Rockfeller Neuroscience Institute. Research Scientist at the Institute of Neurological Science. Italian National Research Council (CNR), Catania, Italy. Guest Research at the Laboratory of Adaptive System, NINDS-NIH, MD, USA. Research Fellow at the Laboratory for Experimental Brain Research, Lund Hospital, Sweden. She is also a member in American Society of Neuroscience, Italian Society of Anatomy and Histology Italian Society of Immunohistochemistry. Dr. D’Agata participated actively to several nationaland international meetings.

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