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Dr. Sharad Shandilya

Director, Science and Technology
Global Health and Education Inc.
San Francisco Bay Area
United States of America
Tel: 804-919-4442

Dr. Sharad Shandilya is the Director, Science and Technology of Global Health and Education Inc., San Francisco Bay Area, United States of America. He obtained Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science from Virginia Commonwealth University. He was Kirschstein Fellow in Bioinformatics from University of Michigan. He then started working as Manager in Clinical Data at Ettrick Health and Research Center, Petersburg VA. He worked as Research Associate and Research Specialist in Department of Computer Science at Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond. Dr. Shandilya also worked as Senior Product Manager in Algorithms and Analytics at BidStream and Director of Research and Analytics in Omnicom Group, NY. Dr. Shandilya's Research interests include Machine Learning, Statistics, Data Mining, Pattern Recognition, Time-Series, Predictive Modeling, Optimization, Nonlinear Methods, Biomedical Signal Processing, Adaptive Systems/Algorithms, Decision Support, Big Data Solutions, Technical/Quantitative Product Development.

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