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Editorial board member | Dr. Ahmad Farid Abu Bakar

Dr. Ahmad Farid Abu Bakar

Senior Lecturer
Department of Geoscience
University of Malaya

Dr. Ahmad Farid received a PhD in Environmental Geology from University of Malaya, MSc and BSc in Applied Geology from UM. He is a certified Professional Geologist (P.Geol.) with the Board of Geologists Malaysia. He is also an active memberof Institute of Geology Malaysia and Geological Society of Malaysia.Dr. Ahmad Farid teaches undergraduate courses in Geology and Environmental Geology, as well as supervise postgraduate many MSc and Phd students.He is also a coordinator for Applied Geology Undergraduate Program and Community Engagement Course in Department of Geology, UM. His current research interests are focused on determination on metals pollution status in water, soil and sediment, metalsfate and transport modeling in river water system and soil &sediment environmental geochemistry. He has authored over 15 publications in Web of Science Index-journals, received more than 190 citations with H-index of 9.Dr Ahmad Farid and his team is in close collaboration with local and international researchers, who share a common aim of translating new knowledge into scientific application and applied geological practice. He is also a recipient of awards such as the EAGER award from Coordinating Committee For Geoscience Programmes In East And Southeast Asia (CCOP) and Excellence Service Award from University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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