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Editorial board member | Dr. Sabina Bigi

Dr. Sabina Bigi

Associate Professor
Department of Earth Sciences
Sapienza University of Rome
+39 06 49914922

Sabina Bigi is an associate Professor at the Department of Earth Sciences of the University of Rome "La Sapienza" and the head of the Tectonics and Fluid Chemistry Lab of the Earth Science Department. Her main research interest is focused on brittle deformation with application in the field of hydrocarbons and geothermal exploration, CO2 geological storage and applied geology. She has expertise in structural geology, geological mapping, seismic interpretation and fracture modelling. Her faults studies were dedicated to the reconstruction of fault architecture and evolution, with particular attention to gas bearing and active faults. Her fractures network studies were focused on fractures characterization in carbonates and on development of new fracture models for fluid flow simulation. She dedicated more than a decade (1990 - 2005) to thrust tectonics studies and the influence of pre-existing structure on the geometries and kinematic of an evolving fold-and-thrust-belt, such as the Apennines, the Alps, the Zagros Mountains (Iran) and the Andes (Argentina).

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