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Editorial board member | Dr. Muheeb M. Awawdeh

Dr. Muheeb M. Awawdeh

Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Yarmouk University

My academic qualifications enabled me to master the applications of geoinformatics in environmental and geological sciences. I have long experience instructing university students while simultaneously leading administrative and research activities; besides working with international organizations and teams. I am a co-founder of the "Applied Geoinformatics" MSc programme that is supported by ERASMUS+ programme and has been also the director of Jordan National Science Programme (World Federation of Scientists). I always set high standards of performance and pursue challenging goals, which positions me to make significant and positive impacts on your institute. I am a team player who can work effectively under high load to meet deadlines and objectives. Besides all, I am equipped with good communication and organizational skills that are essential for success.

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