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Dr. Marco Prosdocimi

Managing Director
Rare Partners
Tel: +393-407-045-710

Dr. Marco Prosdocimi is a Managing Director of Rare Partners since its foundation in March 2010. He collaborates as a consultant with Pharmaceutical Companies, with Investment Funds and with Research Organizations since 1996, focusing his activity in the areas of Research & Development, including clinical development. Dr. Marco's research interest is now focused on drugs for rare diseases, in particular the subject of the activities we are performing is often repurposing of old drugs for new indications. He has been and is member of the scientific board of several biotech companies and collaborates with public and private institutions for the review of scientific projects and business plans. Dr. Marco is author of more than 120 papers, 200 abstracts and several patents, on cardiovascular and autonomic pharmacology, both at preclinical and clinical level.

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