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Editorial board member | Dr. Marjan Vracko Grobelsek

Dr. Marjan Vracko Grobelsek

Senior Researcher
Kemijski Institute/National Institute of Chemistry

Dr. Marjan Vracko is a senior researcher at Kemijski Institut/National Institute of Chemistry in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Dr. Marjan obtained his Ph.D. in 1990 under supervision of Prof. Janos Ladik from University of Erlangen, FR Germany in the field of quantum chemistry. Later on Dr. Marjan was post doc at the Columbia University of New York and the University of Namur, BE (Faculte Universitaire Notre Dame de la Paix, Namur). Since 1994 his research is focused to QSAR(quantitative structure-activity relationship) modelling of biological/toxical properties of compounds, to chemometrics (numerical analysis of proteomic and genomic data) and to modeling of interaction between a receptor and a molecule. In 1994 Dr. Marjan joined the National Institute of Chemistry in Ljubljana. In 2005 he was senior visiting researcher at the Joint Research Centre of European Commission, Ispra where he worked on applications of (Q) SAR methods for regulatory purposes. He is author of 75 scientific papers and several chapters.

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