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Prof. Domenico Osella

Department of Chemistry
University of Basilicata
Tel: 013-136-0266

Dr. Domenico Osella is a Professor of Department of Chemistry at University of Basilicata, Italy. He completed his Post graduate education at the University of Cambridge in 1978. His main fields of interests are Inorganic Medicinal Chemistry l, Inorganic Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Bio electro chemistry, ESR and NMR spectroscopy, Organo metallic Chemistry. Dr. Osella's current issues of research are Use of coordination compounds in biology and medicine, with particular interest to anticancer drugs; Applications of ESR and NMR spectroscopy to bio inorganic chemistry, with particular regard to the extent of oxidative stress in the environment and health; Environmental studies with particular interest to the in situ remediation of soils contaminated by heavy metals.

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