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Dr. Rosalba Parenti

Associate Professor
Department of Physiology
University of Catania
Tel: 095-738-4034

Dr. Rosalba Parenti is an Associate Professor of Department of Physiology at University of Catania, Italy. She received her Ph.D in "Neurosciences" from University of L'Aquila, Italy in 1995. Dr. Rosalba is also a principal Investigator of Laboratory of Molecular & Cellular Physiology of Department of Biomedical and Biotechnological Sciences. Dr. Rosalba research fields include NEUROSCIENCE: Anatomo/functional organization of the SNC, Neurodegeneration / neuroprotection, Development, Gap Junctions. ONTOGENY/CANCER: Oncofetal proteins, Experimental cancer models for antitumoral therapies, Cancer Biomarkers, Drug Delivery. REGENERATIVE MEDICINE: In vitro and in vivo models for bone/cartilage regeneration.

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