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Editorial board member | Prof. Hechmi Toumi

Prof. Hechmi Toumi

Department of Muscular Skeletal Pathology
Orleans University France
Tel: +332-387-440-56

Prof. Hechmi Toumi is a Professor of Department of Muscular Skeletal Pathology at Orleans University France, France. He is currently also the Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology at the Orleans University France, Vice Director Laboratory EA 4708-I3MTO and Vice President of the Institute of Research, Treatment & Prevention of Osteoporosis. Prof. Hechmi received hid PhD from University of Auvergne-Clermont Ferrand, France in 2002. Prof. Hechmi is the inventor of the international patent filing on the use of algorithmic analyses to identify and quantify ‘invisible’ detail in soft tissues in standard radiographs. Professor Toumi is a Member of the Editorial boards the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, Journal of Foot and Ankle and Journal of Clinical Case Reports. His research focuses on Bone, Cartilage and soft tissue injuries.

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