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Editorial board member | Dr. Wajdi Michel Zoghaib

Dr. Wajdi Michel Zoghaib

Associate Professor
Department of Chemistry
Sultan Qaboos University
Tel: +968-24142472

Dr. Wajdi Michel Zoghaib is an Associate Professor of Organic Chemistry in University of Sultan Qaboos. He awarded with a Ph. D. in Organic Chemistry from the same university in 1996 from the University of Saskatchewan, Canada. In 1997, the United Arab Emirates University offered him an Assistant Professor position where he served until 2004.His research interests are in the areas of Medicinal Chemistry in development of new potential antiviral and antineoplastic compounds, Variable Temperature NMR studies for determining In-solution conformational stability and tautomer population and Synthesis of novel chiral organosiloxane Liquid Crystals in search of ferroelectric and de-vries phase behavior.

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