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Editorial board member | Prof. Anil K Mandal

Prof. Anil K Mandal

Clinical Professor
Department of Medicine
University of Florida
Florida, United States of America
Tel: 386-530-4040

Dr. Anil K Mandal is a Clinical Professor in the Department of Medicine at University of Florida, Gaines ville, Florida, USA and Adjunct Professor of Pathology at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Adjunct Professor of Pharmacology, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada. He received his nephrology training at the University of Illinois, Chicago and has done extensive research on hypertension, diabetes, and kidney disease. Mandal has published more than 200 papers and abstracts as well as 12 books. He has been a Visiting Professor in 24 countries. Dr. Mandal is dedicated to changing the direction of diabetes care in order to help diabetics live a complication-free life.

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