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Editorial board member | Dr. Win L Chiou

Dr. Win L Chiou

Chiou Consulting Inc
Burr Ridge
United States of America

Dr. Win L Chiou received his Ph. D. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry in 1969 from University of California San Francisco Medical Center. He taught for two years at Washington State University and for 34 years at University of Illinois at Chicago including serving as department head and director of graduate study of pharmacy. After that he started to work for his own company, Winlind Skincare LLC. He has published more than 200 papers and has been an invited speaker in areas of pharmaceutics, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, skincare and toenail treatments for about 100 times worldwide. In addition, he has served as a consultant to the FDA, drug companies and law firms, and has served on editorial boards of nine journals. He is considered a world authority on pharmacokinetics and drug absorption. Many of his theoretical papers and commentaries are well cited; he likes to challenge many decades or century old conventional concepts in pharmaceutical, biological and medical sciences. His current major research interest is in areas of canker sore, baldness and toenail disorders. Outside of academia, he is the inventor of Gris-Peg, Dr. Win's Eternal Spring Serum, Dr. Win's Eternal Spring SPF 32 Broad Spectrum Serum, Dr. Win's Fungal Nail Therapy, and Bullet Acne Aid. Most recently, he has been invited as a plenary speaker at the 2016 Global Dermatologist Meeting in Dubai and to review manuscripts for dermatology journals including Journal of Investigative Dermatology.