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Editorial board member | Dr. David Arnold Baron

Dr. David Arnold Baron

Department of Psychiatry
Keck School of Medicine at USC
United States of America
Tel: 323-442-4000

Dr. David Arnold Baron is the current chair of the Section on Medicine Psychiatry and Primary Care for WPA. His early scholarly contributions were focused on global psychiatric education and the role of psychiatry in primary care. Dr. David has extensive administrative experience, having served as the Deputy Clinical Director of NIMH and Chair of the Dept. of Psychiatry at Temple University School of Medicine and Keck SOM of USC. His experience in Depression assessment includes developing and copyrighting the most widely used depression screener for athletes (BDSA), and over 30 year experience in teaching depression assessment and treatment to medical students, residents, primary care providers, psychiatrists, and the general public in the US and globally. Dr. David was the coordinating psychiatrist for Philadelphia in initial assessment and triage of patients airlifted from New Orleans. Dr. David's interests are in concussion, ADHD, global mental health literacy, sports psychiatry, and integrated primary care and mental health. His recent work has focused on Sport Psychiatry, Specifically Doping in Sports and Concussion.

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