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Editorial board member | Prof. Daryl Thomas Bowman

Prof. Daryl Thomas Bowman

Department of Crop Science
North Carolina State University
United States of America
Tel: 919-513-3444

Dr. Daryl T. Bowman was born in Somerset Kentucky and raised on a dairy and tobacco farm. After high school, spent 4 years in the US Navy. Obtained BS and MS degrees from the University of Georgia. Went to Louisiana State University for the PhD. All degrees were in Agronomy with emphasis on plant breeding and minors in statistics and entomology. Became leader of the Official Variety Testing Program at North Carolina State University in 1981 through 2012. Crops tested included grain sorghum, corn, corn silage, cotton, barley, oats, wheat, burley tobacco, flue-cured tobacco, and soybeans. Added responsibility of cotton breeding in 1987. Taught two plant breeding labs and a lecture course on breeding for disease and insect resistance. In 2005 took on additional responsibility of directing the North Carolina Crop Improvement Association and the North Carolina Foundation Seed Producers. Research interests include variety testing methodology and statistical aspects. In the cotton breeding arena interests include drought tolerance, breeding methodology, and insect resistance.

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