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  Jong In Kim
  Wonkwang University, South Korea

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Editorial board member | Dr. Jong In Kim

Dr. Jong In Kim

Chairman, Institute for Longevity Sciences
Professor, Division of Health & Welfare
Wonkwang University
South Korea
Tel: +82-63-850-6569

Dr. Jong In Kim is a chairman at Institute for Longevity Sciences and a professor in the Division of Social Welfare & Public Health Administration at Wonkwang University. He holds a Ph.D. at Seoul National University, South Korea. He is President of The Korean Society of Health and Welfare in 2015. He has been elected Dean of the College of Social Science and has been a Dean of the Graduate School of Health at WonKwang University. He has been also Chairman of the Korea Society of Dean Graduate School of Public Health. He has been a consulting member of The Presidential Commission on Policy Planning. He has extensive research experience as a Visiting professor at Harvard University, University of Auckland, University of Tokyo and Australian National University. Professor Kim’s research interests include health economics, ageing, and longevity factors of centenarians.

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