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Editorial board member | Dr. Ermina Iljazovic

Dr. Ermina Iljazovic

Head & Professor
Department of Pathology
University Clinical Center Tuzla
University Hospital
Bosnia & Herzegovina

Dr. Ermina Iljazovic is an Head & Professor in Department of Pathology at University Clinical Center Tuzla & also Head of the Desk of Pathology, Medical School University of Tuzla. She recevied her Ph.D. in filed of Pathology. Dr. Ermina Iljazovic has professional membership in Medical Chamber of Tuzla's Canton, Society of pathologist of FB&H, Member of the Working group for Gynecological cancer, ESP, Member of European Cervical Cancer Association, etc. She has research experience on Investigantions in the field of gynaecological, particularly cervical pathology with special emphasis on the molecular biology of cancer.

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