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Editorial board member | Dr. Seunghoon Lee

Dr. Seunghoon Lee

Dean & Professor
Department of Life Science
Yongin University
South Korea
Tel: 8231-8020-2780

Dr. Seunghoon Lee is a Dean & Professor of Department of Life Science at Yongin University. He received his B.A, M.S & Ph.D in Biochemistry and physiology from Department of Biology at Sungkyunkwan University. Dr. Seunghoon Lee worked as Research Professorin Molecular Therapy Research Center at Sungkyunkwan University, Director of Animal cells and systems. He is Active member of AACR & Member of ASGT. Dr. Seunghoon Lee Research Fields are Functional genomics and proteomics to develop novel gene therapeutics in ovarian and cervical cancer; Regulation of HPV oncogene expression in cervical cancer; Functional study of hyper-methylated genes in cervical and colon cancer; Chemosensitivity.

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