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Editorial board member | Dr. Nidal Kamel

Dr. Nidal Kamel

Associate Professor
Technical University of PETRONAS
Tel: +60-126615107

Dr. Nidal Kamel is an Associate Professor at Technical University of PETRONAS, Perak, Malaysia. DR. Nidal Kamel received the PhD degree (Hons) from the Technical University of Gdansk, Poland, in 1993. Since 1993 he has been involved in research projects related to estimation theory, noise reduction, optimal filtering, and pattern recognition. He developed SNR estimation for antenna diversity combining,single-trial subspace-based technique for ERP extraction from brain background noise, time-constraints optimization technique for speckle noise reduction in SAR images, and introduced data glove for online signature verification. Dr. Nidal Kamel research interest includes mainly in EEG signal processing for localization of brain sources, assessment of cognitive and visual distraction, Neuro feedback, learning and memory recall, in addition to fMRI- EEG data fusion. He is the editor of EEG/ERP Analysis: Methods and Applications, CRC Press, NY, 2015. He is IEEE senior member.

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