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Editorial board member | Dr. James (Hong-Long)

Dr. James (Hong-Long)

Associate Professor
Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology
University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler (UTHSCT)
United States of America
Tel: 903-877-7418

Dr. James (Hong-Long) is an Associate professor in Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology at University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler, USA and Director at Physiological Laboratory, Senior Scientist in Texas Lung Injury Institute. Dr. James received several honors and awards like Travel Travel Award and Invited Speaker-FASEB Summer Conference; Travel Award and Honored Speaker, International Symposium of Environment and Health; Award of Liaoning 1000 Talent Faculty Project, etc. His scientific contribution mainly on Fibrinolysins regulate alveolar fluid clearance, Characterization of novel ENaC in human lungs, Newly identified mechanisms for nucleotides to regulate ENaC activity, ENaC-mediated fluid balance in diseased lungs, Critical functional domains in ENaC sub units. Dr. James (Hong-Long) research interest includes Regulation of epithelial salt and fluid transport in the airways, the lungs, and kidney Scnn1 genes in cancer, acute lung injury, ARDS, and COPD.

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