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Editorial board member | Dr. Nhan Le Tran

Dr. Nhan Le Tran

Department of Research and Cancer Biology
Mayo Clinic Arizona
United States of America

Dr. Nhan L Tran is a Professor in the Department of Research and Cancer Biology at Mayo Clinic Arizona, USA. Dr. Tran's research has been focused on determining the cellular and biochemical mechanisms of action of candidate genes expressed in highly invasive glioblastoma cells and their matrix of aberrant signaling to discover points of convergence that can serve as targets of vulnerability for therapeutic intervention. He has identified and characterized certain members of the super family of cytokine receptors, the tumor necrosis factor receptors (TNFR) and their downstream signals via RhoGTPases to play important roles in modulating glioblastoma cell adhesion, invasion and cell survival. In addition, Dr. Tran's expertise also lies in high-throughput assay development, and applying molecular chemical libraries screens to exploit novel GBM targets as innovative strategies to treat invasive glioblastoma. His Research Interest are Precision medicine in brain tumours, Therapeutic resistance of invasive glioblastoma cells, Mechanism of Glioblastoma Invasion, Identification of novel targets and therapeutic development of novel therapies for invasive glioma.

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