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Editorial board member | Dr. Endalkachew Sahle Demessie

Dr. Endalkachew Sahle Demessie

Senior Scientist
National Risk Management Research laboratory
US Environmental Protection Agency
Tel: 513-569-7739
United States of America

Dr. Endalkachew Sahle Demessie is a Senior Scientist at US Environmental Protection Agency. He worked as Research Chemical Engineer in NRMRL at Ohio, USA. Dr. Demessie has received his PhD in chemical engineering from Oregon State University in 1994. He holds five US patents. Dr. Demessie has received several awards including: outstanding contribution award from the American Chemical Society, US EPA Honorary Mention Science and Technology Achievement Award, 2003 EPA/STD Individual Achievement Awards, IGERT Award, four US EPA Path Forward Innovative Project awards etc. His current research focus includes implications of engineered nanomaterials on human health and the environment, developing biosensor for drinking water and sustainable electronics, develop environmentally-benign methodologies and Chemical Safety and Sustainability Innovation and technology management for sustainable outcomes etc.

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