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Dr. Antonio Manenti

Associate Professor
Department of Surgery
University of Modena
Tel: +39-059-422-5799

Dr. Antonio Manenti is an Associated Professor of Surgery at University of Modena, Italy from 1984. He received his University Degree in 'Medicine and Surgery' from the University of Parma in 1964. Dr. Manenti is specialist in General Surgery, General Oncology, Thoracic Surgery. He has completed his Postgraduate training in General Surgery at the University of Modena and also Postgraduate training in Thoracic Surgery at the University of Bologna, Italy in 1972-1973. Dr. Antonio Manenti was World Health Organisation Fellow for Thoracic Surgery in London in 1972. His Principal fields of interest includes Lung tumors, Coronary artery pathology, Tricuspid valve anatomy, Portal hypertension, Biliary tract surgery, Tumour immunology.

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