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Dr. Mahmoud Ameri

Senior Director
Pharmaceutical Development
Zosano Pharma, Fremont
United States of America
Tel: 510-754-8592

Dr. Mahmoud Ameri is the Senior Director of Pharmaceutical Development at Zosano Pharma in Fremont, USA. He is the Vice President of Research and Development at Zosano Pharma, a specialty pharmaceutical company developing products with intracutaneous microneedle patch technology. He is responsible for developing liquid formulations that enable uniform coating on microdneedles. Prior to Zosano he was a Principal Scientist at Alza where he co-developed the innovative microneedle patch system. Before joining ALZA, Dr. Ameri was at PowderJect Technologies, where he focused on developing particles suitable for powder injection. He has over 20 patents and patent applications. He received his PhD from The University of Manchester.

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