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Prof. Alexander Sirotkin

Department of Zoology and Anthropology
Constantine the Philosopher University
Nitra, Slovakia
Tel: +421-903-561-120

Prof. Alexander Sirotkin is a Professor in the department of Zoology and Anthropology at Constantine the Philosopher University,Nitra, Slovakia. Prof. Sirotkin completed his phD in the department of Neuroendocrinology at Research Institute of Evolutionaly Physiology and Biochemistry, Academy of Acience of the USSR, Leningrad, Russia in 1983. Prof. Sirotkin worked as Research Scientist, Senior Research Scientist, Head of the Laboratory and Project Leader in the Research Institute of Animal Breeding and Genetics (Leningrad-Pushkin, USSR), International Laboratory for Biotechnology (Nitra, Czechoslovakia), Research Institute of Animal Production/Animal Production Research Centre (Nitra, Slovakia) and Constantine the Philosopher University (Nitra, Slovakia). He had fellowships in Institute of Physiology and Genetics (Libechov, Czechoslovakia), Institute of Experimental Endocrinology (Bratislava, Slovakia), Research Centre of Animal Production (Dummerstorf, Germany), Institute for Animal Science and Animal Behaviour (Celle, Germany), Institute of Animal Science (Mariensee, Germany), University of Colonia (Colonia, Germany), Babraham Institute (Babraham, UK), University of Bristol (Bristol, UK), University of Nottingham (Sutton Bonington, UK) and other international research centers. Prof. Sirotkin was awarded for the best research of joung scientist of Leningrad, Russia in 1983.Journal of Reproduction and Development Outstanding Paper Award, Japan in 2004.IASTEM Excellent Paper Award for the category Best Presentation/Best Content, India in 2017.

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