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Editorial board member | Prof. Qing Sheng Mi

Prof. Qing Sheng Mi

Department of Internal Medicine
Wayne State University
United States of America

Dr. Qing Sheng Mi is a Professor and Senior Scientist in the Department of Internal Medicine at Wayne State University, USA. Dr. Mi completed his Ph.D in Immunodermatology from China Medical University in 1992, he received his M.D. from Taishan Medical College in 1985, and M.S. in Immuno-Dermatopathology from The Second Military Medical University in 1991. Dr. Qing Sheng Mi's research interests includes Epigenetic (miRNAs/HDACs) immune regulation (especially in NKT cells and skin dendritic cells), Immunotherapy, and miRNA biomarkers in the precision medicine, including autoimmune/inflammatory diseases, Cancer, and cancer immunotherapy (skin cancer, Leukemia, and bladder cancer), which are currently supported by 3 NIH RO1 grants (2015-2021), one Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International (JDRF) grant, and one International Collaborative Key Grant of Chinese Natural Science Foundation.

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