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Editorial board member | Dr. Jaebum Choo

Dr. Jaebum Choo

Distinguished Professor
Department of Bionano Engineering
Hanyang University
South Korea
Tel: +82-31-400-5201

Dr. Jaebum Choo is working as Distinguished Professor in Department of Bionano Engineering at Hanyang University. He was President of Korean Biochip Society. He is also presently working as Planning and Review Committee Member of ICT-Fusion Division at Samsung Science & Technology Foundation. Dr. Choo is also Director at BK-21 Plus Program “Bionano Fusion Technology”. He also worked as Director at Center for Integrated Human Sensing System (ERC supported from NRF) and as Director at Institute of Nanosensor Technology. Dr. Choo's research interests includes Early Disease Diagnosis Using Highly Sensitive Nanoprobe-based Optical Sensor, Fabrication of Optically Sensitive Nanoparticles for Sensitive Biomedical Diagnostics, Development of Portable Nano-biosensor for Hazardous Virus/Bacteria Pathogens, Development of Integrated Optical System Combined with SERS-based Lateral Flow Kit, Development of Opto-fluidic Biosensor for Early Disease Diagnosis,Highly Sensitive Biomedical Detection Using Nano-Plasmonics.