Journal of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics

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  Dr. Ephraim Suhir
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Dr. Yongmin Zhong

Associate Professor
School of Engineering
RMIT University
Tel: 61-3-99256018

Dr. Yongmin Zhong received PhD in Aerospace Manufacturing Engineering. He has held various positions in academia including Curtin Research Fellowship at Curtin University and Research Fellow at Monash University, Australia, as well as Visiting Postdoctoral Fellowship at University of Windsor, Canada. Currently, he is an Associate Professor in the School of Engineering, RMIT University, Australia, where he is the program manager for the Master of Engineering (Mechanical) program. His research interest includes aerial vehicle navigation, guidance and control, optimal estimation and fusion, mechanics, computer aided design, virtual reality and haptics, biomedical modelling, medical robotics and biomechatronics.

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