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Editorial board member | Prof. Giovanni Maria Carlomagno

Prof. Giovanni Maria Carlomagno

Emeritus Professor
Department of Industrial Engineering
Università degli Studi di Napoli "Federico II"
Tel: +390817682178

Dr. Giovanni Maria Carlomagno is an emeritus professor of Department of Industrial Engineering at Università degli Studi di Napoli "Federico II". He received his Doctoral degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Naples in 1965. Dr. Giovanni Maria Carlomagno worked as Assistant Professor, Associate Professor of Physics, Associate Professor of Gas Dynamics, Professor of Gas Dynamics and Fluid Dynamics at University of Naples. He was awarded with Eminent Scientist Medal of Wessex Institute of Technology, etc. Dr. Giovanni Maria Carlomagno expert in addition courses on: Mathematics and Physics Principles, Thermo-fluid-dynamics, Applied Fluid Dynamics, Experimental Aerodynamics, Thermography, Application of Thermography to Thermofluiddynamics, Advanced Experimental Techniques. His main research activity is dedicated to the study of basic and/or applied problems in the fields of fluid dynamics and convective heat transfer, Non-newtonian Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer, Hypersonic Low Density Flow and Heat Transfer Over Sharp Two-Dimensional Linear Bodies, Momentum and Energy Transfer in Blood Flows Through Deformable Pipes, Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer in Blast Furnaces, Supersonic Nozzles for the LD Steel Manufacturing Process, Damping and Dispersion of Pressure Pulses in Fluid Filled Viscoelastic Pipes, Tempering of Automotive Glass Sheets, etc.

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