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Table of Content: Volume 2, Issue 1

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Letter to the Editor Pages 8

Could mRNA Vaccine be Helping Promote SARS-CoV-2 Variant Emergence and Prolonging the COVID-19 Pandemic

Authors: Mohammed Khalid, MD

Abstract: COVID-19 vaccine brought a sigh of relief to COVID-19 affected world but as its use is increasing so are the emerging associated complications such as the systemic thrombosis and clot formation and hypersensitivity reactions are now well-known there will be long term complications which may emerge as more people get vaccinated and as the time passes since we humans are the experimental subjects. But one concern that is extremely bothersome if it is considered to be a valid concern than that may require the authorities to quickly evaluate the use of mRNA vaccine. The concern is the mRNA vaccine consists of a single viral spike protein genetic information the antibody generated in host reacts to a single viral spike protein by doing so it merely makes the virus ineffective but it does not kill the virus maybe by doing that it encourages the virus to mutate and generate antibody resistant strains since it is a single protein antigen antibody formation that makes it easier for the virus to adapt and generate resistant strain to it.

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Letter to the Editor Pages 6-7

COVID-19 Vaccine: Concerns and Comfort, Who Should Take It?

Authors: Mohammad Khalid

Abstract: COVID-19 impact on humanity is going to be long lasting from health to loss of human life, it’s economic constrains will continue to have devastating impact for a long time to come. The successful outcome and launch of COVID-19 vaccine, has brought a sigh of relief to suffering humanity, with the shared happiness also has emerged the conspiracies of foul play and insecurity of potential harm. The question is, who should get the vaccine and is it safe? There are several aspects that need some consideration: The vaccine is a new technology mRNA coated vaccine from the spike protein of the virus

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