Insights of Stem Cell Research and Therapy


  Prof. Parsons Xuejun Huang
  Department of Regenerative Medicine, USA

Insights of Stem Cell Research and Therapy

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Table of Content: Volume 3, Issue 1

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Original Article Pages 31-39

Wnt2b, Wnt3, and R-Spondin-1 Promote β-Catenin Signaling in the Small Intestine during Infancy

Authors: Zenab M Dudhwala, Rino P Donato, Wendy J Uylaki, Paul D Hammond, Gordon S Howarth and Adrian G Cummins

Abstract: The Wnt-β-catenin signaling pathway is active in the stem cell region of intestinal crypts during postnatal growth of the small intestine. This functions to construct and maintain an intestinal stem cell niche in the base of crypts and to protect stem cells from apoptosis. The aim of this study was to identify which Wnt agonists are present to mediate this activity.

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Review Article Pages 23-30

Specificity of Organoids for Precision Tissue Regeneration: A Review

Authors: Uche A Osunkwo, Ezeunala Mercy N, Okolo RU, Bassi PU and Chinedu Okeke

Abstract: Organoids arise from stem cells as three-dimensional self-assembled colloid-like objects inside the culture medium (mimicking in vivo micro-environment) and these organoids carry with them the genetic composition (phenotype) of their parent stem cells and organs. In addition, organoids express the genetic identity of their parental organs. This characteristic has made them suitable for use in drug discovery

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