Insights of Stem Cell Research and Therapy


  Prof. Parsons Xuejun Huang
  Department of Regenerative Medicine, USA

Insights of Stem Cell Research and Therapy

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Table of Content: Volume 2, Issue 1

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Review Article Pages 15-22

Stem Cell Dynamics and Cytoceuticals for Therapeutics and Toxicity Screening: A Review

Authors: Uche A Osunkwo, Okolo RU, Bassi PU, Ezeunala Mercy N, Njoku Moses and Ben A Chindo

Abstract: Cellular therapy involves use of whole cell or cell cytoplasmic macro-molecular inclusions and their derivatives as resources for treatment and management of diseases and their complications in animals and humans. The use of these biological and bio-medical resources in modern times is increasingly gaining popularity within the community of health care givers.

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