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Table of Content: Volume 5, Issue 1

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Case Report Pages 44-47

Xeroderma Pigmentosum: A Defying Problem

Authors: António Gentil Martins, MD

Abstract: Three patients with xeroderma pigmentosum are presented, stressing the need for prevention (trying to avoid exposure to irradiation and namely to sun light), showing the benefits of rotation dermabrasion and showing the benefits of radical surgery through the presentation of two patients with radical surgical treatment, one of them having had a monoblock total facial skin excision (performed for the first time in the world).

Original Article Pages 270-274

Relation Between Repetitive Head Traumas and Academic Performance of Non-Concussed High School Athletes: A Comparison of High And Low Contact Sports

Authors: William T Tsushima, Vincent G Tsushima and Nathan M Murata

Abstract: To assess the relation of repeated subconcussive head traumas and the academic performance and neuropsychological functioning of non-concussed high school athletes participating in high and low levels of contact sports.

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Original Article Pages 263-269

Injuries Among Adolescent Water Polo Players: Demographics, Evaluation, and Management

Authors: Matthew J Orringer, BA and Nirav K Pandya, MD

Abstract: The combination of swimming, throwing, and physical contact in water polo places players at risk for a range of injuries. Prior research has demonstrated high rates of head and shoulder injuries among competitive water polo players. However, there is limited injury data regarding adolescent water polo players.

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Research Article Pages 254-262

Acute Influence of Leg Press Exercise on Hamstring Muscles Functional Stress

Authors: José Ricardo Claudino Ribeiro, Lincoln Eugênio Tocafundo, André Luiz Silva Moutinho, Anderson Pontes Morales, Felipe Sampaio Jorge and Beatriz Gonçalves Ribeiro

Abstract: Four different situations of the stress of the previous hamstring muscles were induced by the combination of the LP, Knee Flexor (KF), Stiff (ST) and Elbow Flexion (EF) exercises, to measure the level of reduction of the hamstring muscles functional capacity after each exercise and compares them to the LP. The procedures consisted of performing the KF exercise 10s after the execution of the EF, and KF 10s after the execution of the ST, and KF 10s after the execution of the KF itself, and FJ 10 s after the execution of the LP.

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Original Article Pages 247-253

Kinematic Models For Pitch Location Metrics in Professional Baseball Pitchers

Authors: Joseph E Manzi, BS, Spencer Krichevsky, MS, Nicholas Roberts, MPH, Ryan C Rauck, MD and Joshua S Dines, MD

Abstract: Consistency and accuracy in pitch location is paramount for professional baseball pitchers, however, the contribution of individual kinematic parameters is poorly understood. Professional baseball pitchers (n = 322) were instructed to throw 8-12 fast balls while assessed with motion-capture technology (480 Hz)

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