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Review Article Pages 29-43

The Recultivation of the Soils, Contaminated with Oil, Petrol and Diesel Fuel, with the Help of Earthworms Dendrobena veneta and the Complex of Microorganisms

Authors: SB Chachina, ON Baklanova and NA Voronkova

Abstract: The study was performed of the bioremediation efficiency of the soil contaminated with oil (20 to 100 g/kg), petroleum (20 to 60 g/kg) and diesel fuel (20 to 40 g/kg) with the help of earthworms Dendrobena veneta in the presence of bacteria Pseudomonas, nitrogen fixing bacteria Azotobacter and Clostridium, yeasts Saccharomyces, fungi Aspergillus and Penicillium, as well as Actinomycetales, all being components of biopreparation Baykal-EM.

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