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Table of Content: Volume 6, Issue 1

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Review Article Pages 276-284

The Relationship between Preschool Teachers' Occupational Stress and Happiness: Examining Mediation and Moderation Effect

Authors: Jianjun Deng

Abstract: The main aim of this study was to explore the influence mechanism of the relationship between occupational stress and happiness. A total of 619 preschool teachers were recruited to complete the questionnaires, using correlation methodologies.

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Research Article Pages 268-275

School-Based COVID-19 Case Growth Rates in the US, What a Crowdsourced Dataset Can Tell Us

Authors: Dong Liu, MD, MPH, Yi Du, MSPH, MS, Qianru Wu, PhD, Zijian Qin, MD, PhD, MPH, Xiaoting Sun, MD, PhD, Han Liu, MS, Robin M. Williams, BS, MPH, L.-W. Antony Chen, Ming Qu, MD, PhD, Quanyi Wang, MD, MPH and Ge Lin, PhD

Abstract: Different reopening plans were implemented to bring students back to schools in anticipation of schoolrelated COVID-19 outbreaks. The hybrid reopening plan was considered a medium-risk option to mitigate greater risk than in-person and remote reopening plans. In the absence of an official in-school transmission surveillance system and the relevant data, whether hybrid reopening plan could protect students and decrease in-school transmission rates remains unknown.

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Review Article Pages 268-269

Brazil and the (Un)Natural Selection of SARS-CoV-2

Authors: Heslley Machado Silva

Abstract: Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic in Brazil, President Bolsonaro has been speaking against all the recommendations of epidemiologists. The president has always vociferated that everyone should go back to work and school, even in the worst periods of the pandemic. He defied the disease and the virus, and the Brazilian population, saying that the people of this country were resistant, that they jumped in the sewer and would not catch anything. Another aspect pointed out by the president is that the disease would not be serious for the healthy, like him, going as far as to say that nothing would happen to him because of his "athletic background". On this path, during the initial year of the pandemic, he diminished the importance of vaccines, and did not order them, while he propagated the use of drugs without scientific proof

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Review Article Pages 264-267

Considering COVID-19 Infectiousness with Esteem to Blood Groups

Authors: Vural Fidan

Abstract: COVID-19 is a disease that is caused by SARS-CoV-2 and very speedily spreading all over the world. The blood group’s effect on COVID-19 is not clear. The main aim of this article is to determine the relationship between sensitivity of COVID-19 and ABO blood group. For this study we have observed that the individuals with blood group A are at higher risk of getting COVID-19 because they contain the higher concentration of Angiotensin-converting enzyme-2 that provide

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Research Article Pages 260-263

Comparison of Public Awareness of Personal Hygiene before and during the COVID-19 Outbreak

Authors: Yunita Amraeni and Linda Fajriah

Abstract: The case of Covid-19 is still happening today with a prevalence rate still reaching two percent in Kendari city. The purpose of the study was to find out the comparison of public awareness of personal hygiene before and during or after the COVID-19 outbreak. This type of research is a quantitative cross sectional study design. 1,557 families with a sample of 94 families using Proportional Random Sampling. Wilcoxon test became the analytical method. The results of the study

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Case Report Pages 256-259

An Unusual Case of Acute Postoperative Hypokalemic Thyrotoxic Periodic Paralysis

Authors: Isabel Mora, MD, Sahil Zaveri, MD, Bhavin Shah, MD, Dianelys Mendez, MD, Iqra Farooqi, MD, Gabriel Melki, MD and Monisha Singhal, MD

Abstract: Thyrotoxic periodic paralysis (TPP) is an acute condition characterized by sudden onset of muscle weakness and paralysis in the setting of hypokalemia. This condition has the highest incidence in Asian males but is becoming increasingly common in individuals of different ethnicities as well. Herein, we present a unique case of a Hispanic male with no previous medical history of hyperthyroidism presenting with symptoms of TPP due to a hypothesized postoperative

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Review Article Pages 254-255

Predictive Values of Whole Campus Wastewater Surveillance for SARS-CoV-2

Authors: Evangeline Green, Deborah Barlow, Bahman Rostama, Paul Berkner and Meghan May

Abstract: Screening university wastewater for SARS-CoV-2 emerged as an attractive method to provide ancillary data to bolster detection of viral circulation, as it had the potential to detect the presence of asymptomatic cases or cases that are part of the campus community but not the student population. Our objective was to evaluate the positive and negative predictive values of wastewater screening for COVID-19 cases.

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Review Article Pages 249- 253

Coronavirus Fusion and Entry are Targets for New Therapies

Authors: H Bradford Hawley, MD

Abstract: The current treatments for coronavirus infections consist of monoclonal antibodies to prevent spike protein attachment and antiviral agents to block RNA-dependent RNA polymerase interrupting viral replication. Fusion and entry of coronaviruses present new opportunities for therapy and are explained and summarized in this report. Additional effective treatments for current and future coronavirus infections will be of great benefit globally.

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