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Table of Content: Volume 1, Issue 1

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Research Article Pages 15-21

Heralding the Pariahs: What the Narratives of Vaccine Hesitant Parents Can Teach Us about the Backfire Effect and Physician-Patient Relationships

Authors: Bradley Steven Olsen Thornock

Abstract: Recent research has shown that pro-vaccine education can create a backfire effect, times in which vaccine hesitant parents report to believe in the presented scientific facts but are now less inclined to vaccinate their children.

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Research Article Pages 6-14

Obesity and Kidney Disease: Hidden Consequences of the Epidemic

Authors: Csaba P Kovesdy, Susan L Furth and Carmine Zoccali

Abstract: Obesity has become a worldwide epidemic, and its prevalence has been projected to grow by 40% in the next decade. This increasing prevalence has implications for the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and also for Chronic Kidney Disease. A high body mass index is one of the strongest risk factors for new-onset Chronic Kidney Disease.

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Editorial Pages 4-5

Magic Signature - The Profile of China's Current Doctor-Patient Relationship

Authors: Shu-Yang Dai, Jian-Hong Zhong, Jun Han1, Hao Xing, Han Zhang, Lei Liang, Meng-Chao Wu and Tian Yang

Abstract: Earlier this year, a piece of message from WeChat had been widely spread across China, pushing the intense doctor-patient relationship into the spotlight once again. This time, what we are encountering is not the typical doctor-patient conflicts, like doctors being assaulted or killed, or getting their knees down to their unsuccessfully treated patients, or suffering sudden death during consecutive operations, but on a 'magic signature' signed by one patient's relative before surgery.

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Editorial Pages 1-3

It's Time to Build up Security Measures in Chinese Hospitals

Authors: Hao Xing, Jun Han, Han Zhang, Shu-Yang Dai, Lei Liang, Meng-Chao Wu and Tian Yang

Abstract: Once again, violence against Chinese doctor event happened on October 3rd was a heavy blow to all the medical staffs. A 34-year-old pediatrician was hacked to death by the father of a newborn that died two days after her birth, who died of complications related to pneumonia two days after her birth. The killer, carrying a dagger and a machete in a shoulder bag, returned to the hospital and put an innocent doctor to death.

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