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Table of Content: Volume 3, Issue 1

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Review Article Pages 61-67

MicroRNA Regulation of Nodule Zone-Specific Gene Expression in Soybean

Authors: Md Ehsanul Haque and Most Shanaj Parvin

Abstract: Nitrogen is a paramount important essential element for all living organisms. It has been found to be a crucial structural component of proteins, nucleic acids, enzymes and other cellular constituents which are inevitable for all forms of life. In the atmosphere, the percentage of nitrogen is very high (N2, 78%) compared to other inorganic gases. However, most organisms have practically no direct access to this nitrogen. While plants can not directly uptake nitrogen from atmosphere, they are

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Review Article Pages 48-60

Review: Effect of Rhizobium on the Yield of Leguminous Plants

Authors: Abdissa Deberssa Gutama

Abstract: Plants need the accurate combination of nutrients to live, grow and reproduce properly. If not, Plants suffer from malnutrition and show symptoms of being unhealthy and provide very low productivity. Too little as well as too much of any one nutrient can cause problems. Nitrogen is of the essential element for plant life. Its major use is provoking root growth and photosynthesis, as well as uptake of other nutrients. Naturally 78% of atmosphere gas on earth is nitrogen

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