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Short Note Pages 55

Complete Blood Count (CBC): Automated versus Manual Differential

Authors: Henry J Simon and Michael W Simon

Abstract: We have evolved into an automated high tech practice of medicine. With speed and automated precision we have sacrificed diagnostic information. The automated differential reports out groups of white blood cell types. With a manual differential, those groups are more specifically differentiated including immature neutrophils (bands) and atypical lymphocytes which are not routinely reported with an automated differential. When an automated differential is done, there may be certain triggers that would necessitate a manual differential be done.

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A Giant Bleeding Pancreatic Pseudocyst after a Blunt Traumatism in a Thirteen Year-Old Child

Authors: Veronica Alonso, Doudou Gueye, Hossein Allal, JM Fabre, Valerie Monnin and Nicolas Kalfa

Abstract: A thirteen-year-old boy presented with a grade IV blunt pancreatic traumatism with a cephaloisthmic disjunction. A giant pancreatic pseudocyst was developed and complicated with a massive intracystic bleeding. An evacuation and drainage of all collections was performed by laparotomy.

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Original Research Pages 42-46

Pathogen Prevalence and Treatment of UTI in Children after Ureter Anastomosis

Authors: Xie Qigen, Li Zuoqing, Gao Pengfei, Xu Zhe and Su Cheng

Abstract: Few study has reported about the prevalence, pathogen distribution and antibiotics usage of UTI after ureter anastomosis. This study aimed to investigate the characteristics and antibiotics selection of UTI after ureter anastomosis.

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