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Table of Content: Volume 6, Issue 1

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Original Article Pages 145-153

Ultrasound Guided Pneumatic Reduction of Intussusceptions: A Clinical Experience from Baghdad

Authors: Loay Saleh Salman, Basil Shanshool Radhi and Mohammed R. Saleem

Abstract: Intussusceptions is an important cause of small bowel obstruction in children. Non-operative reduction (NOR) is the preferable method of treatment to start with as long as there are no contraindications to its use & where facilities are available. Pneumatic reduction has become a popular therapeutic method for intussusceptions instead of surgery in many centers. To evaluate the success rate of ultrasound guided pneumatic reduction of intussusceptions and verifying the factors affecting its efficacy as initial experience in Baghdad.


Retrospective Study Pages 141-144

Post-Axial Hexadactyly in Neonates and Infants Less than 3 Months Old: Surgical Management Transferred to the Outpatient Clinic in the Covid-19 Period

Authors: M.M Barry, F. Maggiulli, M. Delpont and G. Captier

Abstract: The current Covid-19 corona viruses pandemic has had a considerable impact on the functioning of health care facilities, so the reorganisation of interventions was a real challenge for surgeons who risk facing the establishment of large waiting lists. We present successful outpatient surgical excision procedures for a case series of post-axial type B hexadactyly in covid 19 infants.

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Case Report Pages 137-140

A Rare Case of Rectal Duplication Cyst presenting as a Posterior Perineal Hernia, in a Neonate

Authors: Dr. Pramod Kumar Sharma, Dr. Rachit Goel, Dr. Poonam Motiani, Dr. Neel, and Dr. D.K. Gupta

Abstract: Rectal duplication is a rare entity and posterior perineal hernia is even so. Having both entities together poses a clinical challenge, however sticking to basic surgical principles helps in such situations. Aims: The case is being presented here with the aim of describing a rare case scenario and its successful management.

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Review Article Pages 129-136

Congenital Melanocytic Nevi of the Lower Limb: The Rule of Thumb for Surgical Excision in Children

Authors: Yacine Belkacemi, Amir Kara, Lionel Moulis, Marie Christine Picot, Federica Maggiulli, and Guillaume Captier

Abstract: Congenital melanocytic nevi (CMN) of the lower limb display the highest projected adult size. Surgical management includes simple excision and also more complex interventions with tissue expansion, skin graft, or flap, depending on the CMN size and patient age. Here, we present our experience in CMN of the lower limb management and used these data to identify CMN size thresholds to guide the choice of surgical approach.

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Review Article Pages 124-128

Hair-Thread Tourniquet Syndrome; Emergent Diagnosable Condition

Authors: Amir Hussein Tavallaei

Abstract: Hair-thread tourniquet syndrome (HTTS), or hair tourniquet syndrome is a rare emergency condition that often occurs in infants and children when one or more appendages in the body like fingers, toes or external genitalia are circumferentially strangulated by strands of threads or human hair. If it is not recognized early it may jeopardize the viability of the segment and finally lead to necrosis of fingers, toes or external genitalia.


Case Report Pages 120-123

Hepatopulmonary Syndrome Due to Congenital Extrahepatic Portosystemic Shunts: A Case Report

Authors: Endis Miurkis, Marcano Luis, Abril Xavier, Molina Sofia, Ruilova María, and Galarza Mónica

Abstract: Congenital extra hepatic port systemic shunt, is a rare clinical entity which can lead to hepatopulmonary syndrome wherein blood from portal vein directly drains into systemic circulation, causing an alteration in metabolism of pulmonary vasoactive substances, pulmonary vasodilatation, diffusion-perfusion defects, and eventually, arterial hypoxemia due to

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