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Table of Content: Volume 2, Issue 1

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Cross-Sectional Study Pages 20-28

Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Standard Precautions amongst Allied Oral Healthcare Personnel In Lagos State

Authors: Moyosoore Osoba, Olufemi Olulaja, Oluwafemi Oyadiran, Omotoye Itunuola, Oluwatoyosi Afolabi, Abode Emilomo and Afolabi Oyapero

Abstract: Allied oral healthcare practitioners such as dental technologists, dental therapists, dental technicians, dental nurses etc., are invariably exposed to patients’ blood or/and body fluids and this poses a health risk to oral healthcare workers and patients. This study aimed to assess the knowledge, attitude and practices of standard precautions (SP) amongst allied oral healthcare workers in Lagos State.

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Review Article Pages 17-19

Oral Infection - Parkinson’s Disease, Concepts of Neuroinflammation. Could there be a New Investigation Model?

Authors: Ashank Mishra, Jens Schwamborn, Bart De Wever and Andrea Mascolo

Abstract: Periodontitis is a chronic, oral poly microbial infection affecting nearly 60% of the population worldwide and is the most prevalent oral inflammatory disease in adults. Periodontitis is not only an oral localized inflammatory disease, but also elicits low-grade systemic inflammation via both the release of pro-inflammatory cytokines and the invasion of periodontopathic bacteria. Besides inducing systemic inflammation, increasing evidence implies that periodontitis provokes chronic inflammation associated with activation of microglia, the immune cells in the brain, which is referred to as neuroinflammation. Neuroinflammation has become a common prominent feature among a variety of neurodegenerative

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