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Table of Content: Volume 2, Issue 1

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Case Report Pages 13-15

Suture Derived Foreign Bodies in Ophthalmic Surgery

Authors: Gysbert-Botho van Setten, MD, PhD

Abstract: Usually swaged end suture attachments to the needles are preferred providing most atraumatic suturing possible. However, we report on the possible release of foreign material from sutures whilst performing penetrating glaucoma surgery (trabeculectomy). In this surgery any release of foreign material would have imposed a significant risk on the success of surgery and the health of the eye.

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Research Article Pages 7-12

Ptosis Surgery with an Improved Method of Shortening the Müller's Muscle and the Levator Aponeurosis with Transconjunctival Threading

Authors: Kosuke Ogasawara

Abstract: The present procedure was performed in 17 patients with age-related ptosis. Postoperatively, satisfactory aesthetic results were achieved in all cases. No particular complications were observed, and there was no case of overcorrection or incomplete eyelid closure. Mean operative time was 11 minutes. When the present procedure was used, the operative duration was shortened, patient burden was reduced, and expansion of the indication range of age-related ptosis could be achieved, suggesting that the present operative method may be a preferred method for initial surgery in age-related ptosis.

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