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Insights of Neuro Oncology

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Table of Content: Volume 5, Issue 1

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Review Article Pages 54-55

Pituitary Adenoma with Evidence of Intracranial Extramedullary Haematopoiesis

Authors: Jyotsna Naresh Bharti

Abstract: A pituitary mass and other organs of a deceased female who died of ingesting some poisonous substance was received. The pituitary mass occupied the almost whole of the anterior lobe [Figure 1a]. The mass was enclosed on all sides by a narrow rim of the anterior lobe which has almost disappeared over the lateral aspects of the tumour. On histopathological examination tumor cells are monomorphic with well-defined cell borders, eosinophilic granular cytoplasm & nuclei showing a salt and pepper appearance.

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Case Report Pages 51-53

Vascular Parkinsonism: A Clinical Study of Response to Dopaminergic Therapy and Patterns of Brain Vascular Lesions in a Group of Patients

Authors: Flora Zarola, MD, PhD

Abstract: A clear-cut distinction exists between Parkinson’s disease and other Parkinson-like syndromes. A commonly reported Parkinson-like syndrome is Vascular Parkinsonism (VP). The criteria to distinguish idiopathic Parkinson’s Disease from VP and essential tremor (ET) are stated, like stable response to dopaminergic therapy (e.g., ex juvantibus criterion), the positivity of receptor brain tomoscintigraphy (dopamine transporter scan, Dat-scan) and nuclear magnetic resonance

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