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Insights of Neuro Oncology

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Original Article Pages 18-26

Sox2 Functions in Neural Cancer Stem Cells: The Importance of the Context

Authors: Cristiana Barone, Miriam Pagin, Linda Serra, Alessia Motta, Laura Rigoldi, Simone Giubbolini, Alexandra Badiola-Sanga, Sara Mercurio and Silvia K Nicolis

Abstract: The Sox2 transcription factor is expressed in different neural tumors. In particular, it is active within the "cancer stem cell" (CSC) subpopulation of tumor cells, able to reinitiate tumorigenesis after conventional chemotherapy (to which it is usually resistant). This led to hypothesize that Sox2 (and its downstream regulated genes) may qualify as promising targets for therapeutic strategies directed against CSC. However, the potential relevance of Sox2 in this regard depends on whether it is functionally important to maintain CSC. Here, we comparatively examine the effects of Sox2 genetic ablation within mouse models of different neural tumor types. Sox2 ablation in mouse glioma (and in human glioblastoma-derived CSC) demonstrated a critical function for Sox2 in the maintenance of CSC.

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