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CMV Prophylaxis in kidney Transplantation

Authors: Massimo Gai, Roberta Clari, Sergio Dellepiane, Davide Diena, Ana Manzione, Maria Messina and Luigi Biancone

Abstract: Kidney transplant exposes patients to an increased risk of developing infections and tumors. Antiviral therapy and prophylaxis are one of the challenges of the modern transplant strategy. In recent years lots of progress has been made in preventing and managing CMV infection ensuring better outcomes and reducing CMV impact on morbidity, mortality and graft survival.

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Revival of the Forgotten Rout: Tunnel Hemodialysis Catheter Placement using the Supraclavicular Approach to Overcome Stenosis of the Internal Jugular vein at its Origin

Authors: Magbri A, Brandt MCV, Mock L, Colosimo V, Zurawsky R and McCartney P

Abstract: A case of ESRD on HD who is referred for placement of tunnel hemodialysis catheter insertion because his arterial-venous fistula is still immature to be used for HD. He had had 3 TDC placed in the right IJ on previous occasions. His angiogram revealed stenosis of the internal jugular vein at its junction with subclavian vein. After 3 failed attempts at right internal jugular vein cannulation the Supraclavicular approach of the SCV cannulation was achieved with ease overcoming the stenosis in the right internal jugular vein.

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The Prevalence of Vitamin D Deficiency and Secondary Hyperparathyroidism in Elderly Male Patients with Hip Fracture: Time for Vitamin D and Testosterone Replacement

Authors: Awad Magbri , Gussail Eussera El-Magbri, Smew Mariam El-Magbri, Taha El-Magbri, H Grimes and J Kelly

Abstract: Twenty eight male patients with non-pathological fracture neck of femur (FNOF), age range 61-89 years, mean age 74.4 years, presented for surgery for fracture neck of femur to Merlin Park Regional Hospital, Galway Ireland and 28 age and sex matched control patients, age range 60-85 years, mean age 72.4 years who were admitted to the medical ward for various complaints including chest pain, gastroenteritis, and upper respiratory tract infections were included in the study.

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