Advances in Leukemia Research and Treatment

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Advances in Leukemia Research and Treatment

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Table of Content: Volume 3, Issue 1

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Review Article Pages 34-38

Lymphocytosis with Large Granular Cells: Correlation between T-Cell Receptor Rearrangement and CD57 Expression

Authors: Jordi Juncà, Cristian Morales-Indiano, Lurdes Zamora, Marta Sitges, Minerva Raya, Sara Vergara and Marc Sorigué

Abstract: The finding of large granular cells is relatively frequent when reviewing a blood smear for lymphocytosis (or for any other reason). The presence of these cells opens the question as if they are part of a T-cell non-clonal reactive process or indicate the presence of a clonal population (yet not necessarily neoplastic).

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