Advances in Laparoscopy

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Advances in Laparoscopy

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Table of Content: Volume 2, Issue 1

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Research Article Pages 63-68

Study of Score System for Surgical Difficulty of Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

Authors: Chen-Guo Ker, Hong-Yi Tong, Ming-Yuen Yang, I-Tsou Tseng, Der-Ming Chang, Kuo-Chen Hung, Hong-Yaw Chen and Yu-Fu Chen

Abstract: Grading scales for the surgical difficulty of laparoscopic cholecystectomy (LC) had been mentioned but not common. In order to clarify and compare grading score for the surgical difficulty of LC, we conducted this study to present our grading scoring method by measuring the time of laparoscopic cholecystectomy. There were 206 patients treated with LC under the diagnosis of acute cholecystitis based on the criteria of Tokyo Guideline 2013 (TG13). These 206 patients were 89 of male, and 117 of female and their age ranged 23-85 year-old. We designed a worksheet as Surgical Difficulty Scoring Scale of LC.

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Research Article Pages 56-62

Surgical Crisis: Does the Robot Help or Hinder?

Authors: Matthew D Ingham1, Courtney K Rowe, Ye Wang, Alan Yang, Jeffrey J Leow, Richard N Yu, Benjamin I Chung and Steven L Chang

Abstract: Robotic surgery is growing in popularity, but it is unclear whether the displacement of surgeon from the bedside affects outcomes when an unexpected and potentially catastrophic bleeding complication is encountered. This study aimed to compare the outcomes between the robotic and laparoscopic approaches when a surgical crisis was encountered during a major urologic procedure.

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