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Advances in Laparoscopy

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Research Article Pages 51-55

A Novel Technique for Safe Laparoscopic-Assisted Subtotal Splenectomy in Children with Hereditary Spherocytosis

Authors: Mark Kovler, Dan Levin and Jeffrey R Lukish

Abstract: Partial splenectomy has emerged as a surgical option for children with hereditary spherocytosis. The goal of reducing anemia and hypersplenism while preserving splenic immunologic function to avoid potential Overwhelming Post-Splenectomy Infection (OPSI) is logical. This report evaluates the feasibility and safety of a novel technique that utilizes the advantages of laparoscopy to mobilize the spleen and division of short gastric arteries and veins followed by evisceration of the spleen to utilize the advantages of open surgical technique and ease of hemostasis during subtotal resection of the spleen.

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Minimally Invasive Radical Prostatectomy: 1000 Cases Performed by a Single Surgeon

Authors: Marcos Tobias-Machado, Cristiano L Pazeto, Rafael Tourinho-Barbosa, Hamilton C Zampolli, Michael Cerqueira, Carlos Chagas, Tarcisio Ge, Bruno Simão, Frederico V Oliveira and Mario Maciel Jr

Abstract: We describe the first 1000 cases of minimally invasive radical prostatectomy performed by a single surgeon in a developing country. Aspects related to the learning curve, technical modifications over time and the transition LRP-RARP were also included.

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Laparoscopic Treatment of Incisional Lumbar Hernia: Long Term Results Comparing Polypropylene Xptfe Mesh Repair

Authors: Marcos Tobias-Machado

Abstract: Lumbar hernia after lumbotomy is rare especially nowadays due to routinely application of minimally invasive treatments for kidney and adrenal diseases. We present our results with laparoscopic mesh repair analyzing objective parameters and patient satisfaction in at least 1 year of follow-up.

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Simultaneous Bilateral Surgery as a Model for Learning Video Endoscopic Inguinal Lymphadenectomy (VEIL)

Authors: Marcos Tobias Machado, Pablo Aloisio Lima Mattos, Aurus Dourado, Silvana Sales de Deus Barbosa, Igor da Rocha Martins Franklin, Igor Nunes Silva, Victor Corona, Emmanuel Nava and Odilo de Sousa Queiroz III

Abstract: Video Endoscopic Inguinal Lymphadenectomy (VEIL) is feasible and safe in selected patient with groin metastases. Simultaneous bilateral performance seems to improve morbidity, however it still requires standardization. This article aims to describe a standardized and planned training model for VEIL.

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CASE REPORT Pages 29-33

'Adenomyosis': The Enigma

Authors: Hafeez Rahman and Nikita Trehan

Abstract: Adenomyosis was classically defined by Bird, et al. as "Benign invasion of endometrium in the myometrium producing a diffusely enlarged uterus which microscopically exhibits ectopic nonneoplastic endometrial glands and stroma surrounded by hypertrophic and hyperplastic myometrium"

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The Role of Laparoscopic Anti-Reflux Surgery in Obese Patients with Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

Authors: Edgar Vargas Flores, Juan Carlos Quintana Cortez, Jose Luis Ledesma Contreras, Yazmin Berrones Medina and Lucero Chao Zhou

Abstract: There has been an important increase in the prevalence of GERD in the United States in the last two decades and obesity seems to play an important role. GERD and its symptoms occur as result of anatomic and physiologic abnormalities.

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Case Report Pages 21-24

Thoracic Endometriosis in Monozigotic Twins

Authors: Marin Camacho S, Lopez Carrasco A, Rodriguez and R Hernandez A

Abstract: Endometriosis consists on the presence of functionally active ectopic endometrial tissue. The thorax is the most frequent extrapelvic location. The causes of endometriosis are not well known yet and involve both genetic and environmental factors.

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Case Report Pages 17-20

Torsion of the Greater Omentum as a Rare Cause of Acute Abdomen: A Case Report and Review of the Literature

Authors: Christophoros Kosmidis, Georgios Koimtzis, Konstantinos Sapalidis, Nikolaos Michalopoulos, Lazaros Liavas, Eleni Georgakoudi and Isaac Kesisoglou

Abstract: Torsion of the greater omentum is a highly uncommon cause of acute abdomen in adults and is extremely difficult to diagnose preoperatively. Usually it mimics other surgical emergencies such as acute cholecystitis, acute appendicitis, perforated peptic ulcers and acute diverticulitis and can be easily misdiagnosed leading to deterioration of the patient.

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Research Article Pages 11-16

Comparison of Single-Port and Multi-Port Laparoscopic Methods of Nephrectomy in Young Infants

Authors: Yury Kozlov, Konstantin Kovalkov, Polina Baradieva, Andrey Rasputin and David Chubko

Abstract: The aim of this study was to compare results of treatment of non-functioning kidneys in neonates and infants using Single-Incision Laparoscopic Nephrectomy (SIL-N) and multi-ports laparoscopy.

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Research Article Pages 5-10

Risk Factors and Consequences of Conversion in Laparoscopic Appendectomy

Authors: Hai T Bui, James Pho, Matthew Kwok, Marcus Cheng, Alex Beath and Steven TF Chan

Abstract: No studies in Australia have explored risk factors for Laparoscopic (LA) to Open Appendectomy (OA) conversion. Differences in outcome following a Midline (ML) or Right Iliac Fossa (RIF) approach for conversion have not been documented.

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Case Report Pages 1-4

How to Evacuate Surgical Smoke While Using Laparoscopic Coagulation Shears

Authors: Mitsuaki Morimoto, Hisanaga Horie, Koji Koinuma, Katsusuke Mori, Yoshihiko Kono, Kenichi Oshiro, Yoshiyuki Inoue, Hiroyuki Maruyama, Alan T Lefor and Naohiro Sata

Abstract: During laparoscopic surgery, the production of smoke by energized dissecting devices is a problem because it can obstruct the view of the operative field. The products of combustion may also contain hazardous chemicals, such as benzene, toluene, viable cancer cells or viruses.

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