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Research and Reviews of Infectious Diseases

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Table of Content: Volume 4, Issue 1

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Mini Review Pages 149-150

COVID-19 and Obesity

Authors: Khaja Yaminuddin, MD, Sevil Alkan and Emine K├╝bra Dindar Demiray, MD

Abstract: Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic currently 189.921.964 confirmed cases world wide; 4.088.281 continues with the case resulting in death. SARS-CoV-2, the agent of COVID-19 disease, mainly affects the respiratory tract. The severity of the disease ranges from subclinical infections to diseases with severe symptoms that require hospitalization. There are a number of comorbid factors that are important in treatment and follow-up. It has been found that most patients with severe disease have an underlying disease, advanced age, obesity, cardiovascular disease, liver disease, kidney disease or malignancy

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Review Article Pages 145-148

Quality of Life for Patients Recovered from Covid-19

Authors: F. Benlebna and F. El Abed

Abstract: 86 patients were included (70.9% women and 29.1% men), mean age 37.69. COVID-19 infection begins an average of 12.2 weeks after clinical recovery. According to the VQ11, the quality of life was impacted in 55.8% of cases, observed especially in the areas of physical (47.7%), emotional (50%), and social life (34.8%). According to the PICHOT scale, 53.5% have pathological fatigue; among them 41.8% report the presence of excessive fatigue.

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Case Report Pages 138-144

Respiratory Rehabilitation in the Covid-19 Patient Care Journey: Summary of International Recommendations

Authors: F. El Abed and F. Benlebna

Abstract: Respiratory disorders are at the fore front of severe COVID-19 disease and can lead to acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). This article provides a few international recommendations for the practice of respiratory rehabilitation in patients infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

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Retrospective Study Pages 125-137

Impact of Corticosteroids and Anticoagulant Combined Treatment on Patients Affected by COVID-19 Pneumonia

Authors: Fabio Anastasio, Elisa Scarnecchia, Sarah Barbuto, Fabio Spitaleri, Tommaso Saporito, Valeria Bisogni and Giacomo Pucci

Abstract: The pathogenesis of novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) includes virus-induced systemic endothelial dysfunction, cytokine storm, and complement cascade hyperactivation, creating massive inflammatory and pro-coagulative states with diffuse vascular thrombosis.

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Commentary Pages 122-124

Post-COVID Geriatric Patients - Anaesthetic Considerations

Authors: Sukhminder Jit Singh Bajwa and Madhuri S Kurdi

Abstract: Such headings often greet us in newspapers and news channels during coronavirus disease (COVID) times. This only means that there are quite a few geriatric patients who have survived COVID-19; However, there are studies which have found that there is a clear and consistent pattern of an agebased exponential increase in fatality rates, regardless of the geographical region and that case fatality rates (CFR) and susceptibility to symptomatic COVID-19 are higher in the elderly. In an analysis in China, in patients aged more than 80 years, the case fatality ratio was 14.8% and in patients aged 70-79 years, it was 8%

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