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Research Article Pages 100-105

Offering A Safe and Creative Container for Internalised Trauma Associated with Coronavirus, Using Dramatherapeutic Underpinnings

Authors: Eleanor Melvin, HCPC BADth MA BSc(Hons)

Abstract: This paper discusses the applied use of dramatherapeutic underpinnings in creating and utilising a safe and creative container for internalised trauma associated with coronavirus. The case study explores ‘Creative Calm throughout Coronavirus’ (CCC); a ten-page document designed using methods from dramatherapy. The defining features of this

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Review Article Pages 91-99

Strategy Management of COVID-19 Pandemic: An Integrative Review

Authors: Zaadoud Brahim and Rhazi Karima EL

Abstract: We have suggested a research methodology based on expert opinion on the critical factors that determine the outcomes of national pandemic policies. Based on comprehensive literature review, three independent variables were calculated: The reach of public policy pandemic interventions, the timing of public policy interventions, and the

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Research Article Pages 84-90

Logistic Growth Model and Modeling of Factors for Community Transmission of COVID-19 in Senegal

Authors: Massamba Diouf, Babacar Mbaye Ndiaye and Amadou Dieng

Abstract: The objective of this work is to model the variables potentially involved in the spread of cases resulting from community transmission of COVID-19 in Senegal in order to identify statistical associations. The study carried out was of a descriptive and prospective type falling within the period from March 03, 2020 to September 20 of the same year.

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Review Article Pages 77-83

Impact of Hospitalization and Dental Insurances on the Health Care Utilization in South Africa

Authors: Ernest Ouédraogo, Alou Dembélé and Justin Lwungili Bationo

Abstract: Over this last decade, the South African government has implemented major health service reforms to move towards a universal system. With many questions surrounding the future of the healthcare system, it is important to understand the impact of health insurance on the demand for specialized health services. This paper investigates the impact of hospitalization and dental insurances on health care utilization.

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Review Article Pages 70-76

Attitudes and Perceptions of Health Care Practitioners Towards the Implementation of Integrating Mental Care into HIV Services At Primary Health Care Settings

Authors: Winnie Baphumelele Cele and Euphemia Mbali Mhlongo

Abstract: The HIV infection and the use of antiretroviral drugs is associated with side effects which may lead to mental health disorders. Mental health challenges may cause exaggerated health outcomes and negatively affect patients’ selfcare, leading to poor adherence to treatment.

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Research Article Pages 64-69

Descriptive Analysis of Factors Associated with COVID-19 (U07.1, U07.2), Viral Pneumonia (J12.8 and J12.9) and other Types of Admission Diagnosis

Authors: Michael Mncedisi Willie

Abstract: Various studies have drawn similarities between respiratory conditions such as pneumonia and COVID-19. Respiratory disease (e.g., viral pneumonia J12.8) or signs or symptoms of respiratory disease (e.g., shortness of breath R06.0, cough R05) a respiratory disease (e.g., viral pneumonia J12.8) are the most notable symptoms that are associated with COVID-19. Pneumonia is also among the top five most prevalent reasons for admissions in medical schemes and is one of the expensive conditions to treat. This further accounts for a significant portion of hospitalisation expenditure.

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Research Article Pages 61-63

Facial Paralysis during Sarcoidosis: About Seven Cases

Authors: Imène Rachdi, Fatma Daoud, Mehdi Somai, Soufia Ben Amor, Hana Zoubeidi, Besma Ben Dhaou, Zohra Aydi and Fatma Boussema

Abstract: The aim of this work was to specify the frequency and the peculiarities of facial paralysis (FP) during in Tunisian patients. It’s a retrospective and descriptive study during a period of 14 years concerning patients affected by sarcoïdosis and having a facial nerve involvement. Among 160 patients affected by systemic sarcoïdosis, we counted sevencases of FP (3,1%) mainly women with a meanage at the diagnosis offacial nerve involvement of 52,2 years. FP revealed the disease in six cases. It was fluctuating in three cases and left in four cases.

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Research Article Pages 56-60

Intention to Take COVID-19 Vaccine and the Associations among College Students

Authors: Lihong Niu, Dengxin He, Xiaolan Yuan, Minghao Pan, Zhi Li and Qiyue Mao

Abstract: This study used a web-based questionnaire to assess college students’ intention to take the COVID-19 vaccine and their beliefs about COVID-19 and the vaccine. Descriptive statistics were used to characterize the sample. Independent group t-tests and one-way analysis of variance were used to assess the differences in intention to take the COVID-19 vaccine based on demographics.

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Reserch Article Pages 47-55

Psychological Impact of Covid-19 among Healthcare Workers in Cameroon

Authors: Tendongfor Nicholas, Amana Bokagne Therese Vanessa, Kouam Talla Gilchrist Destin, Lambou Fopa Vanessa, Ngassam Ngassam Christie Do, Ketchanji Alice, Nganyewo Cynthia Atiepoh and Forlemu Vanessa Mandaah

Abstract: Since December 2019, the world has been experiencing the Covid-19 pandemic which has claimed several thousands of lives worldwide. The healthcare workers are among the population at high risk. Evaluating the psychological impact of the Covid-19 on the mental health of healthcare workers in Cameroon

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