Trends in Geriatric Healthcare

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Trends in Geriatric Healthcare

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Table of Content: Volume 4, Issue 1

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Commentary Pages 57-58

Safe Medication Practices in Geriatric Patients

Authors: Omar Al Kherish, Pharm.D and Syed Iqbal Mohiuddin, M.Pharm, BCPS

Abstract: The number of geriatric patients, individuals aged above 65-years-old, is gradually increasing at a high rate. This vulnerable population is at higher risk because they are subject to chronic conditions, such as kidney diseases, mental health issues and diabetes. These risks include adverse outcomes, drug toxicity, overdose, and errors in prescriptions. Additionally, neglecting geriatric patients may lead to re-hospitalization, medical side effects and worsening medical conditions. Health professionals need to handle this delicate age group

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